Buckeye Allis Club Inc

Buckeye Allis Club, P.O. Box 1, Jeffersonville, OH 43128

October 17,  10:00 am
Belcher Auction Company  269-781-7100
AZ #2160
13024 C Drive North
Ceresco, MI
Allis Chalmers 5050-D w/front weights
Allis Chalmers 175 gas w/front end loader
both tractors in great condition

October 18,  8:30 am
Leaman Auctions Ltd.  717-464-1128
AZ #3721
900 Lancaster Pike
Quarryville, Pa
Live and online auction that includes a dispersal of the Dan and Jared Cooper collection of Allis Chalmers tractors, parts, and equipment.
The Coopers have been dealing and collecting AC Farm Tractors, Equipment, memorabilia  and parts for approx 30 years. Their items are wide ranging in category’s and are from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
1958 D -17 #7129 gas w/ PS WF and set of Pie wgts
D-17 #22128 gas NF PS & pie weights
WD-45 #233434 WF and factory PS
WD-45 #235108 NF w/ factory PS
WD-45#175804, NF w/ factory PS
WD #134785 NF
RC straight sheetmetal, good rims, original cond.
CA #22142 WFE, snap coupler, older but nice restoration
WC #99221 WFE and on 6″ X 28″ rear wheels
WC #72723 restored
1948 WF #4403 by Tractomotive,  (1) of est 150 built as reversed loader,
     their S# is 1047, usable machine in good cond
WD#66716 reversed w/ AC 445 loader & forks & boom, is a working unit
complete factory PS unit for WD-45
complete Char-Lynn PS unit for WD-45
Lots of Weights:
     many sets WD 45 rears
     (2) pair of 300 LB
     (6) front wheel wgts for  D-15
     175-185 rears
     CA & B rears
     (6) front stack whts
     set of D-15 pie weights w/ bolts
     (4) pcs of D-17 pie wts
     Front axle weight set for B wish bone axle
(2) single front  wheels and yokes for WD-WD45
Set of front (16″)  and rear factory spoke wheels for a WC
(4) Factory WFEs:
     (1)  for WC with hubs
     (1) for WD
     (1) for WD-45
     (1) for WD 45-D
Also an adjustable wfe for B will also fit a C
Implements and attachments:
     AC forage box on AC gears
     AC # 50 harvestor w/ row crop header
     (2) AC harvesters w/ direct cut heads, 1) with pickup attach, and 1) w/6
          bar reel as well as a row crop header for each of them
     AC harvestor w/ row crop head
     AC long table blower w/ pipe
     AC roto-baler
     AC crimper
     (2) AC dual purpose bar rakes, (ted or rake)
     (2) 82S sickle bar mowers
     (1) 80S sickle bar mower; side mount sickle bar for WC
     AC grain drill
     AC 3pt 2 row planter
     AC plow for #G
     AC 3 pt blade
     AC transport disc
      (2) AC post hole diggers
      early 2X plow for WD
     early 2X plow for CA
     (2) CA rear mtd cultivators
     several AC loaders for WD-45, D-14 and D-17
Snap Coupler Equip:
     (2) nice 3 X AC plows
     (2) AC 2 row planters
     AC disc for a CA
     very nice 2X AC rollover plow
     #7 rear mount sickle bar mower
     2 row rear mount cultivators
     AC field cultivator
     4X AC semi mount plow
     # 63 AC 3X plow
     AC Dirt scoop
     AC rear mt blades
There is a large volume of AC parts on racks and stored inside the
     buildings that will be added to the website and photo gallery in the
     near future.
     Allis Chalmers welder 220V
     AC  Advertising signs,  Owners manuals, parts manuals and a few service
The following are consigned, but not part of the Cooper collection:
AC D-21
AC 7030
AC 190 XT
Pics available: on Auction zip and auctioneer’s website
October 18,  6:00 pm
Leaman Auctions Ltd.  717-464-1128
AZ #3721
900 Lancaster Pike
Quarryville, Pa
ACAdvertising signs
AC sale literature from the 60’s
AC Owner’s manuals, parts manuals and a few service manuals
AC 4 bolt plow shears
NOS AC model G crankshaft in the original wooden crate
Lots of NOS oil filters, bearings cans. etc. AC
Pedalsto include AC 7045, AC 8070
Allis Chalmers welder 220V

October 18.  8:00am
Kline, Kreider & Good Auctioneers (717) 445-4309
AZ# 8818
1087 Dry Tavern Road
Denver, PA
Allis Chalmers WD 45 Pedal Tractor

October 19,  9:00 am
Kyle Kelso Auctioneer  309-337-5612
AZ #35420
480 township Rd 1400 E
Stronghurst, IL
Allis Chalmers D17 Series 3 tractor, wide front, 262 diesel, AC snap coupler
Allis Chalmers post hole auger

October 19,  10:00 am
Kraft Auction Service  219-973-9240
AZ #4679
48 N 450 E
Valparaiso, IN
2- Day Annual Fall Antique and Vintage Toy Auction Friday October 18, 2019 & Saturday October 19, 2019 10:00am CDT Located at the Kraft Auction Facility 48 N 450 E Valparaiso, IN. Friday October 18th 10:00am – 300+ Lots of Non-Cataloged Toys (offered onsite only) 12:00pm – Lots 1-499 500 Lots of Vintage Trucks, Tractors & Collectible Toys Saturday October 19th 10:00am CDT Lots 500-1100 Large Farm Toy Collection. AC’s included are:
1/16 Ertl Allis-Chalmers Narrow Front WD45 Tracto Nice 1/16 scale die-cast
     Ertl Allis-Chalmers Narrow Front Tractor. Nice condition with light
     display wear.
1/16 Scale Models Agco Allis 9815 with Cab Nice 1/16 scale die-cast Scale
     Models Agco Allis 9815 Tractor with Cab. Tractor is in nice condition with
     light display wear.
1/16 Scale Models Allis-Chalmers WC Narrow Front Nice 1/16 scale die-cast
     Scale Models Allis-Chalmers WC Narrow Front Tractor. Nice Condition
     with light display wear.
1/16 Ertl Allis-Chalmers Two-Twenty Nice 1/16 scale die-cast Ertl Allis-
     Chalmers Two-Twenty tractor. Nice condition with light display wear.
1/16 SpecCast Allis Chalmers Model A Nice 1/16 scale die-cast SpecCast Allis-
     Chalmers Model A wide front tractor. Nice condition with light display
1/16 Ertl Allis Chalmers D21 w/ Duals Nice 1/16 scale Allis Chalmers D21 w/
     duals. Has decal wear. Comes with chrome grill. Has wear from display.
     Measures approximately 10″ long.
1/16 Ertl Allis Chalmers D21 w/ Duals Nice 1/16 scale Allis Chalmers D21 w/
     duals. Has decal wear. Comes with chrome grill. Has wear from display.
     Measures approximately 10″ long.
1/16 Ertl Deutz-Allis 9150 Nice Ertl 1/16 scale die-cast Deutz-Allis 9150. Nice
     condition with light wear. Comes with original box.
1/16 Ertl Deutz-Allis 8030 tractor w/ cab Nice Ertl 1/16 scale die-cast Deutz-
     Allis 8030 tractor w/ cab. Nice condition with light wear and dust. Comes
     with original box.
1/16 Scale Models Allis Chalmers 190 Nice Scale Models 1/16 scale die-
     cast Allis Chalmers 190. 1992 Farm Progress Show. Nice condition with
     light wear and dust. Comes with original box.
1/16 Ertl Allis Chalmers D-21 2017 NFTS Nice Ertl 1/16 scale die-
     cast Allis Chalmers D-21 2017 National Farm Toy Show 40th ann. Nice
     condition with light wear and dust. Comes with original box.
1/16 Ertl Allis Chalmers D19 Toy Farmer Nice Ertl 1/16 scale die-cast Allis
     Chalmers D19 Toy Farmer 1989. Nice condition with light wear and dust.
     Comes with original box.1/16 Scale Models Allis-Chalmers “G” Nice Ertl 1/16 scale die-cast Allis-Chalmers “G” Tractor. Nice condition with light wear
     and dust. Comes with original box.1/16 Ertl Deutz-Allis 6260 Tractor Nice Ertl 1/16 scale die-cast Deutz-Allis 6260. Nice condition with light wear and
     dust. Comes with original box.
1/16 Ertl Allis-Chalmers Two-Twenty Toy Farmer Nice Ertl 1/16 scale Allis-
     Chalmers Two-Twenty Toy Farmer. Nice condition in original box. It is
     missing the cardboard insert.
1/16 Ertl Allis Chalmers 7080 Summer Farm Toy Show Nice Ertl 1/16
     scale Allis Chalmers 7080 Beckman High Summer Farm Toy Show. Nice
     condition with light wear and dust. Comes with original box. Box is
     missing insert.
1/8 Scale Models Allis-Chalmers WD45 Nice Scale Models 1/8 scale Allis-
     Chalmers WD45 Tractor. Nice condition with light wear and dust. Comes
     with original box.
Original 1/16 Ertl Allis Chalmers Big Ace Puller Ertl 1/16 scale die-
     cast Allis Chalmers “Big Ace” pulling tractor. Has a lot of wear from play
     and age. Casting appears to be good. Rear wheels have been repaired.
1/16 Scale Models Agco Allis 9650 Nice Scale Models 1/16 scale die-cast
     Agco Allis 9650. Good condition with light wear and dust. Cab says “New
     Tractor Intro Feb. 1995″
1/16 Ertl Allis-Chalmers WD45 Special Edition WF Nice Ertl 1/16 scale die-
     cast Allis-Chalmers WD45 Special Edition wide front. Displays nicely with
     light decal wear and use.
1/16 Ertl Allis-Chalmers WD45 Narrow Front Nice Ertl 1/16 scale die-cast
     Allis-Chalmers WD45 Narrow Front. Displays nicely with light decal wear
     and use.
1/16 Scale Models Allis-Chalmers D17 Narrow Front Nice Scale Models 1/16
     scale die-cast Allis-Chalmers D17 Narrow Front. Displays nicely with light
1/16 Scale Models Allis-Chalmers Louisville Farm Nice Scale Models 1/16
     scale die-cast Allis-Chalmers Wide Front Louisville Farm Show. Feb. 11-
     14, 1987. Displays nicely with light wear.
1/16 Scale Models Allis-Chalmers Louisville Farm Nice Scale Models 1/16
     scale die-cast Allis-Chalmers Wide Front Louisville Farm Show. Feb. 12-
     15, 1986. Displays nicely with light wear.
1/16 Ertl Allis-Chalmers D21 Diesel Nice Ertl 1/16 scale die-cast Allis-
     Chalmers D21 Diesel tractor. Nice condition with light wear and dust.
1/32 Ertl Allis-Chalmers 4W-305 Tractor w/ Cab Nice Ertl 1/32 scale die-
     cast Allis-Chalmers 4W-305 tractor with cab. Comes in original box. Box
     has wear from age and storage. Nice condition with light dust.

October 19,  9:30 am
Fields Auctions  765-418-6153
AZ #6949
1950’s Allis Chalmers WD 45 Wide Front Tractor, Restorable

October 19,  9:30 am
Kiko Auctioneers, Real Estate Broker Kiko  (330) 455-9357
AZ #1625
1347 Andora Rd. NE
Carrollton, OH
nice Allis Chalmers 8070 peddle tractor with wagon

October 19,  9:00 am
Lopatofsky Auction LLC  570-445-0424
AZ #12592
6599 State Route 374
Clifford twp., PA
Allis Chalmers Tractor loader Backhoe
Allis Chalmers D 14
Allis Chalmers D 17

October 19,  9:30 am
Warne Auctioneering, LLC  608-341-7663
AZ #47356
155 New California Rd
Livingston, WI
Allis Chalmers D17 Series IV Tractor with Loader
Allis Chalmers WD with factory AC 2 bottom plow

October 19,  10:00 am
Whatman Realtors & Auctioneers  419-756-8012
AZ #4028
741 Bollinger Road
Bellville, OH
Allis Chalmers 7010 diesel with duals
AC D17 wide front
2 AC sickle bar mowers
AC WC with mounted AC picker (sells separate)
Two sets AC 5 Bottom plows
3 Btm AC 3 pt plow

October 19,  9:30 am
Creekside Auctions  6073711246
AZ #37850
4665 st hwy 12
0xford, NY
Allis Chalmers forklift

October 19,  9:00 am
Beckort Auctions, LLC  (812)738-9476
AZ #6017
810 Sival Rd NW
Corydon, IN
Allis-Chalmers CA tractor, NF, original tires, older repaint
Allis-Chalmers C tractor with Woods L306 mower, good rear tires

October 20,  5:00 pm
AZ #5425
Oak Gardens, 225 11th St SE
225 11th St SE
Dyersville, IA
Toy Auction that includes s few AC’s:
AC Model WD 45 Precision Series #8
AC 7030 w/maroon engine
AC 6060 2 wd tractor Highly Detailed
AC D-14 1989 Summer Toy Festival
AC 40 All Crop Harvester 2003 Hutchinson, MN
AC D-19 1989 The Toy Farmer

October 21,  6:00 pm
Fragodt Auction and Real Estate  320-734-4408
AZ #45498
94 Washington Ave
Milan, MN
1954 Allis Chalmers WD45, 14.9×28 rears, like 5.50×16 fronts, mechanically
     sound, SN: 186964
1996 Gleaner R-62 combine, 3,967/2,654 eng/sep hours, 30.5×32 fronts,
     16.9×24 rears, Raven yield monitor, grain extension, SN: R6266052
Gleaner 6 row 30” corn head, gathering chains 2 years old, SN: 63018247
Gleaner 25’ bean head on home made head trailer, SN: 2583387F
Deutz-Allis Lawn Mower, 16hp, 38” cut, new battery, just serviced, front
     steering sector might need work

October 21,  6:00 pm
Dangerfield Auctions, LLC  330-518-5881
AZ #4869
44623 Crestview Rd.
Columbianna, OH
Preview – MONDAY, October 21, 2019  from 3 – 5 pm
First Lot Closes (soft close) MONDAY,  October 21, 2019  at 6 pm
Pick-up- WEDNESDAY, October 23, 2019  from 1pm – 5pm
Allis Chalmers 16 HP Briggs and Stratton 900 Series, hydrostatic, mid PTO.
     Includes mowing deck.Running condition
Allis Chalmers BP-5, 5000 Watt Generator Portable power generator,
     working condition with manuals. Mounts on tractor belt driven. Belt
Allis 32 Electric Lift Used condition

October 24,  6:00 pm
Hamele Auction  608-742-5000
AZ #6575
1303 Wauona Trail
Portage, WI
This is an online internet only auction. This is an online internet only auction. No shipping.
Allis Chalmers WF (Doesn’t look like a WF)
Allis Chalmers combine
WC Allis frame for parts

October 25,  11:00 am
Danny’s Auction  708-800-6985
AZ #38359
Beecher, IL
Allis Chalmers D17 Tractor

October 26,  9:00 am
Rentzels Auction Service INC.  717-577-1886
AZ #
4206 Lemar Rd
Mercersburg, PA
The Norman (Jim) Piper Estate Collection
AC D-21 Series II, Turbo Charged, w/ Cab, 3pt, Front Weights, Good rubber, restored, running tractor, entire clutch & rear have been gone over
AC U restored
AC D-14 3pt, good rubber restored
1938 AC WC restored
1939 AC B restored
1947 AC C restored
1940 AC WC restored
AC CA, snap coupler, side weights, rear weights new rear tires, restored
1945 AC WC (steel rear) Restored
1942 AC C w/ snowplow (running)
AC RC restored, new tires
1945 AC WD, restored snap coupler
1937 AC WC rear steel w/extension rims, rubber front, restored
Various AC tractor parts, sheet metal, etc.
Large AC Dealer sign,
AC banner,
AC walk behind mower,
AC rear engine riding mower
AC 608LT & 611LT (for parts)
AC Terra Tiger

October 26,  9:00 am
AZ #4040
407 Pleasant Valley Rd.
Denver, Pa
1937 Allis-Chalmers B tractor w/52” Woods mower
Allis-Chalmers 712 hydro tractor w/mower deck, rototiller & snow blower
old AC lawn tractor

October 26,  9:30 am
Chalker’s Auction  330-898-3419
AZ #13617
11443 South Avenue
North Lima, OH
Allis Chalmers D17 Gas
Allis Chalmers WD 45 w/Wide Front/38in Rubber
Allis Chalmers “M” Crawler
Allis Chalmers B-10, B210, B310, B112 Riding Mowers
Allis Chalmers Pull Combine
Allis Chalmers 3 btm. Disc Plow

October 26,  10:00 am
Mike’s Auctioneering  540-778-3846
AZ #18586
251 Grindstone Lane
Shenandoah, Va
Allis Chalmers model b tractor

October 26,  10:00 am
Pendroy Auctions  641-891-4276
AZ #21104
2132 180th Ave
Knoxville, IA
Restored 1934 Allis Chalmers WC on full steel (hand Crank,Flip lid on gas
     tank) SN.305
1937 Restored Allis Chalmers WC w/ Sherman overdrive New Mag. Hand
1953 Allis chalmers WD-45 repowered w/ 262 6 cylinder A-C gas engine
     (Runs great) Great rubber all around
1935 Allis Chalmers UC 12 volt system Runs great with oversized pistons w/
     new steer tires and Good rear (Good pulling tractor)
1950 Allis Chalmers WD runs good w/ good rubber
A-C Hoods,Fenders, Seats,Gas tanks, Front rims, WD draw bar andC draw
Steel wheels
D-17 complete engine (not stuck)
2- row A-C Planter w/ good seed boxes
A-C 2 bottom plow 0n steel (light weight model)
A-C 2 bottom ( Heavy weight model) Fully restored w/ drive wheel lugs
A-C snap coupler 4 bottom plow
A-C single shank ripper
A-C 6 ft. Snap coupler adjustable blade
A-C Snap coulper Dirt scoop
A-C side mount twin wheel drive sickle mower
Allis Chalmers 40 all-crop pull type Combine w/ New canvas (Very Rare,
     always shedded and Excellent cond.)
Allis Chalmers 60 all-crop pull type Combine 9 Always shedded)Woods L59 Belly mower w/ Brackets for C-Allis Chalmers
Belly mower fits G- Allis Chalmers

October 26,  10:00 am
Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC  844-847-2161
AZ #43943
2642 Hawthorne Ave.
Fairfield, IA
Allis Chalmers WD tractor, nf, recent engine overhaul
Gleaner M2 diesel 2wd combine, hydro trans, 23.1-30 drive tires, chopper,
     SN 18784

October 26,  10:00 am
Frank Walker, Inc.  607-829-5172
AZ #19065
10025 County Hwy 21
Franklin, NY
AC 160 w/ldr

October 26,  9:30 am
Newell Realty & Auctions LLC  330-627-2350
AZ #5986
160 Kensington Rd NE
Carrollton, OH
Allis Chalmers B nice orig cond, runs ex, good tires, pto & hyd
B w/plow, hyd & pto, ex sheet metal & paint, hand brakes, good tires
runs good, hyd & PTO, above avg cond
CA NF good hand clutch, runs good, good tires, avg paint
CA NF good hand clutch, good sheet metal, avg paint
late WD ser#146485 (1954)
WF, runs ex, good sheet metal, avg tires & paint
WD-45 diesel chassis w/gas engine, 1 owner, ex sheet metal & tires, runs
     good, all original except engine, complete WD45 diesel engine is
early D-17 diesel WF w/PS, starts & runs ex, ex sheet metal & paint, torque
     housing is rebuilt w/new bearings
D-17 Series IV Diesel (1964) WF, PS, factory 3pt, runs ex, good hyd, starts
     easy, good tires, avg paint, has live hyd NI loader ser#76404D
always shedded AC66 pull PTO combine w/good canvas, ex cond
2-AC H.D. 6’ snap coupler blades, like new cond
AC-D15 Industrial w/Henry reverse loader, runs excellent, has a rebuilt
     shuttle clutch & good transmission, everything works like it should, older
     restoration, rare unit
AC D-19 gas. WF, PS, factory 3pt, has AC500 self contained loader w/dirt
     bucket, HD grill guard, crankshaft driven hyd pump, ex rear tires, dual
     remotes, plus single outlet, used by Jim on the farm for 20 years
AC H3 Dozer w/6 way hyd blade & PTO, 100% original, ex shuttle & steering
     clutches, ex sheet metal, tracks & undercarriage, none more original
AC-WD45D NF, PS, 100% original incl tires, straight sheet metal, 1 owner,
     runs, ready to restore
AC model A Tractor ser#A25792 (1937) elec start, PTO, new sheet metal incl
     battery box & steering wheel, starts great, spent it’s life on a sawmill,
     only 1124 made from 1936-1942, owned 35 yrs.
AC UC tractor chassis w/Thompson Co modifications, 2-71 GM diesel, hyd,
     Thompson rear axle drop boxes, front axle, grill etc, runs ex, owned 20

October 26,  10:00 am
Price-Leffler Auction Company  765 674-4818
AZ #10581
5243 S. Adams Street
Marion, IN
AC WD45 Tractor & 2 Bottom Plow

October 26,  10:00 am
VIP Auction Company  859-236-1852
AZ #1735
Junction City, KY
Allis-Chalmers 6080

October 26,  6:00 pm
Hansen Auction Group  7152654656
AZ #48543
990 Happy Hollow Road
Mosinee, WI
Allis Chalmers AC500 Forklift

October 26,  9:00 am
Don Wagner’s Auction Service  920-748-3000
AZ #20113
N9492 County Road EF
Berlin, WI
Allis Chalmers 190 tractor WF, good rubber, runs
Allis Chalmers CA, new rubber
WF, runs, bad hand clutch
Allis Chalmers WD, NF, Exc. Rubber, runs
Allis Chalmers WD, NF, runs
Allis Chalmers WD, w/loader, runs, new rubber
Allis Chalmers w/VW motor
Allis Chalmers WD, NF
Allis Chalmers WD, parts
Allis Chalmers 190, needs motor, in parts
43.1-34 Gleaner tires
AC 8’ digger
AC 4-row wide cultivator
AC mounted cultivator
AC 6’ blade
AC 3 bottom 18”
2-Allis Chalmers frames
Allis Chalmers motors
100’s Allis Chalmers parts – radiators, seats, fenders, hoods & much more
Allis Chalmers 416 riding lawn mower
Allis Chalmers mower decks
Allis Chalmers snow blower
Allis Chalmers thermometer & pictures
150-200 toy tractors that include many AC’s

October 26,  10:00 am
Richard Moffat Auction Service  573-690-2823
AZ #24560
467 County Road 604`
Linn, MO
Allis-Chalmers 10ft Wheel Disk w/ Cylinder

October 26,  10:30 am
Hack’s Auction & Realty Inc.  (815) 239-1436
AZ #2296
9142 Fruit Farm Rd
Belvidere, IL
Allis-Chalmers B Tractor:as-is w/ cultivator

October 30,  10:00 am
BigIron Auctions  800-937-3558
AZ #4919
St. Edward, NE
Must bid online only.  Go to www.bigiron.com to register & bid
Gleaner 700 Rigid Header
Allis-Chalmers 7′ 3-PT Sickle Mower
1970 Allis-Chalmers 190XT Series III 2WD Tractor

October 31,  5:00 pm
AZ #5425
Oak Gardens, 225 11th St SE
225 11th St SE
Dyersville, IA
Toy Auction that includes a few AC’s:
Allis Chalmers Roto Baler, Highly Detailed
AC D15, Collector Edition
AC 440 4WD, Collector Edition, AGCO 2004 The Summit
Allis Chalmers D19, 1989 Toy Farmer
AC thermometer

November 1,  10:00 am
Bontrager Real Estate & Auction Services Inc.  585-343-4529
AZ #3551
3594 Pike Rd.
Batavia, N
(3) Allis Chalmers 1300 folding drags

November 2,  10:00 am
AZ #20318
3740 Edwardsville Street
Woodburn, IL
Allis Chalmers 5020

November 2,  10:00 am
Brad Strebeck Auctioneer  2177814131
AZ #34115
2432 1/2 E. 000 N. Road
Paxton, IL

November 2,  10:00 am
Kiesewetter Auction Services  309-699-3800
AZ #3641
Allis Chalmers end loader (possibly with CA tractor
other Allis Chalmers equipment

November 2,  10:00 am
Chesnutt & Chesnutt  620-795-2365
AZ #6020
170 26000 Road
Cherryvale, KS
Allis Chalmers B with Belly Mower

November 2,  9:00 am
Schwartz Auctions 269 651-9261
AZ #16034
33605 Kibiloski Road
Burr Oak, MI
Allis Chalmers 7000 diesel tractor w/cab, 9 front suitcase weights & 7136
AC D15 tractor
Gleaner F2 diesel w/cab Corn Plus 23.1 x 26 front & L11 x 16 rear, good
     rubber, 1676 engine hrs. & 877 separator hrs.
Deutz-Allis 4 row narrow corn head
Deutz Allis 13’ grain head
2 AC 4 bottom semi mtd. plows w/levelers & coulters
AC 3 pt. 3-16” plow w/coulters
AC 7’ belly mtd. sickle mower
AC 3 pt. 4 row wide cultivator

November 2,  9:30 am
Auctions by Larry R Williams  479-756-0238
AZ #24078
4 Allis Chalmers Tractors Non-Running (no other info available)

November 2,  10:00 am
Ron And Ray Tosch & Associates  810-395-4985
AZ #19322
6806 Reside Road
Goodland Twp, MI
Allis Chalmers G w/ Like new tires
Allis Chalmers Wd Narrow Front

November 3,  10:30 am
Thornhill Real Estate & Auction Co.  636-366-4206
AZ #11244
10501 Pike 107
Frankford, MO
Allis Chalmers High Crop D-12 factory made, SN 1252
Allis Chalmers D-19 Turbo diesel High Crop, Thompson High Crop
     conversion kit, restored, nice, SN 15313D
Allis Chalmers D-17 diesel Series III, wide-front, SN 68031D
Allis Chalmers D-10 wide front, snap coupler, SN 2258
Allis Chalmers D-10 wide front, snap coupler hitch original, sharp,
     SN D103972
Allis Chalmers D-14 wide front, 2nd owner, original, super nice, SN 22385
Allis Chalmers D-17 diesel, power steering, wide front-end, SN 6360D
Allis Chalmers D-12 wide front, SN 1199
Allis Chalmers D-10 wide front, 3-pt, SN 7124
Allis Chalmers WD45 diesel, wide front, sharp, SN WD227018D
Allis Chalmers WD45 LP (straight LP), SN D167066
1936 Allis Chalmers Model U, SN U-25-12
Allis Chalmers D-17 Series 4 gas, power steering, SN 83760
Allis Chalmers CA wide front
Allis Chalmers WD w/single front wheel (factory), not restored, SN 99578
     sells w/2-row 40” front-mount corn picker
WD 45 wide front snap coupler, not restored, SN 216346
Allis Chalmers G front weight tractor, new: overhaul, brakes, tires, gas tank,
      original paint, SN G7259
Allis Chalmers D-17 gas snap coupler, new paint, SN 15933
      WC (P.T.) Built by Paul Thomas, 4WD, isolates & hinges, one of a kind,
      must see, SN 100098
B-10 Allis Chalmers lawn mower, runs
B-112 Allis Chalmers lawn mower, runs
Rare Allis Chalmers snap coupler, 4-bottom disk plow
Allis Chalmers snap coupler, High Crop 2-bottom plow
Allis Chalmers 2-row snap coupler corn planter
Allis Chalmers 2-row corn head for pull-type 60 all-crop combine, on trailer,
Allis Chalmers roto bailer, white-top, late model, kept in shed
Allis Chalmers pull-type 2-bottom plow, 12” rope trip
Allis Chalmers 2-3 bottom snap coupler plows, 1 with gauge wheels
2 Allis Chalmers snap coupler 6’ adjustable blades
2 Allis Chalmers snap coupler 8’ tandem disk
Allis Chalmers snap coupler (30” row) cultivator
3 Allis Chalmers plows fit B or C tractor mounted
Allis Chalmers snap coupler dirt scoop
Allis Chalmers side-mount cultivator
D-14, 17 & 19 fenders
2 sets of rims & tires, 28-16.9 & 13.9
2 Allis Chalmers conversion kits, snap coupler to 3-pt
Allis Chalmers shutters, WD & 45
Lot Allis Chalmers rear wheel weights
Set 26” centers & rims
Lot snap couplers
Misc. starter parts
Misc. wiring, switches
Misc. tires & rims
Approx. 1 trailer load of parts

November 6,  10:00 am
BigIron Auctions  800-937-3558
AZ #4919
St. Edward, NE
Must bid online only.  Go to www.bigiron.com to register & bid
1998 AGCO Gleaner R72 Combine
Allis-Chalmers Electric Motors
AGCO Allis 1920H 60″ Yard Tractor
1950 Allis-Chalmers WD 2WD Tractor W/ Loader & Plow
Allis-Chalmers D15 Series II 2WD Tractor

November 7,  TBA
Countryside Auctioneers & Realty  919-548-5500
AZ #20531
185 Parford Ln.
Moneta, VA
Among the many items are:
Restored 1958 Allis-Chalmers D17 Pedal Tractor
Restored 1972 Allis Chalmers 200 Pedal Tractor
Restored 1966 Allis Chalmers 190XL Pedal Tractor
Restored 1956 Allis Chalmers CA Pedal Tractor
Restored 1975 Allis Chalmers AC 7080 Pedal Tractor
Restored 1985 Deutz-Allis 8070 Pedal Tractor
Restored 1952 Allis Chalmers D14 Pedal Tractor

November 9,  8:30 am
Martin’s Auction Service  717.816.1803
AZ #1866
Chambersburg, PA

November 9,  9:00 am
AZ #5603
1550 Hwy 50 West
Allis Chalmers 2 bottom plow

November 9,  9:00 am
Marquette Auction Services, LLC  573-721-1106
AZ #32114
15908 Monroe Rd 965
Madison, MO
Allis Chalmers WD will turn over but won’t start
Allis Chalmers Gleaner E-3 combine w/2 row corn head (not running but
     was shed covered)

November 9,  9:45 am
AZ #8006
8290 IN-120
Howe, IN
Allis Chalmers 12 hp 312 lawn mower with 48” mower deck

November 9,  10:00 am
Essick Auction Service  417-883-SOLD
AZ #25890
2887 E. Hines St.
Republic, MO
Allis-Chalmers 160 tractor, 40HP, Perkins motor, rear remotes, great rubber,
     runs great, shedded, shows 5100 hrs, hr. meter doesn’t work

November 16.  10:00 am
RES Auction Services  (833) 765-3737
AZ #4912
7920 SR 226
Shreve, OH
Allis Chalmers service rig.

November 16,  9:00 am
Ben Higgins Realty & Auction Co., LLC  7403875111
AZ #2154
6030 Seiter Rd.
New Bloomington, OH
A.C. model C w/Woods 6’ belly mower

November 16,  10:00 am
M.K. Matthews Auctions Co.  336 699 8983
AZ #6105