Buckeye Allis Club Inc

Buckeye Allis Club, P.O. Box 1, Jeffersonville, OH 43128

July 7,  5:30 pm
Anglins Auction Service  330-707-0875
AZ #1087
2431 Youngstown Hubbard rd
Youngstown, Oh
Allis Chalmers tractor narrow front end with plow disc harrows


July 8,  10:00 am
BigIron Auctions  800-937-3558
AZ #4919
St. Edward, NE
Must bid online only.  Go to www.bigiron.com to register & bid
Allis-Chalmers 5050 2WD Tractor w/Loader
Allis-Chalmers WD/WD45 Parts Tractors


July 8,  5:30 pm
Schmid Auction & Realty Co.  217-857-1507
AZ #1974
121E Illinois St.
Greenup, IL
Allis Chalmers Gravity Wagon


July 11, 8:30 am
Polk Auction   8779154440
13275 Bradbury-Krebs
Strasburg CO  80136
Alfred J. Linnebur Flying Service Collectibles Auction
AC C w/ SICKLE BAR MOWER, ORIGINAL (unreadable tag)


July 11,  10:00 am
Property Connection Real Estate  712-243-4408
AZ #38895
26582 510th Street
Walnut, IA
Allis Chalmers WD, NF.


July 11,  10:00 am
Benny’s Auction  3157711353
AZ #5472
14283 County Road 156
Watertown , NY
Allis Chalmers G 1951 Gas Cultivator
1944 Allis Chalmers C gas narrow front-end tractor
Alice Chalmers Brockway Truck radiator
Allis Chalmers tractor (for parts or repair)


July 11,  11:00 am
Greg Clingan Auction & Real Estate LLC  765.793.7315
AZ #1983
2390 N C.R. 160 W
Veedersburg, IN
Allis Chalmers WD 45 tractor


July 11,  9:00 am
Marquette Auction Services, LLC  573-721-1106
AZ #32114
567 Co Rd 323
Franklin, MO
Allis Chalmers small round baler


July 11,  9:00 am
Enyeart Auction & Realty  660-651-1101
AZ #3415
Enyeart Auction Center
Highway 24
Keytesville, MO
Allis Chalmers 5040 Diesel tractor w/AC 400 front end loader & bucket, nice tractor


July 12,  6:30 pm
Harmeyer Auction & Appraisal Co.  765-561-1671
AZ #1330
1754 W County Road 300 N,
New Castle, In
Online Only
Allis Chalmers Model G Spider Tractor As is condition, missing parts, parts added that might be to this tractor


July 15,  10:00 am
BigIron Auctions  800-937-3558
AZ #4919
St. Edward, NE
Must bid online only.  Go to www.bigiron.com to register & bid
Allis-Chalmers Motor Grader
1975 Allis-Chalmers 7060 2WD Tractor
1976 Allis-Chalmers 7000 2WD Tractor
Allis-Chalmers 7045 2WD Tractor w/Loader
Allis-Chalmers WD 2WD Tractor
Allis-Chalmers WD45 2WD Tractor w/Pallet forks and plow
Allis-Chalmers G Tractor w/Cultivator


July 15,  4:30 pm
Spieth & Satow Auctions, Inc.  517-279-788
AZ #18703
5800 E Bacon Road
Osseo, MI
1950 +/- Allis Chalmers (Less Than 10 Hrs On Engine Overhaul) appears to
     be a WD


July 17,  9:30 am
AZ #42478
4502 Magnet Avenue
Allis Chalmers WD 45


July 18,  10:00 am
Lyn Liechty Auctions – The R.E.A.L. Auction Co.  517-266-2542
AZ #1465
16475 Forrister Rd.
Hudson, Mi
5ft Allis Chalmers bushhog


July  18,  9:30 am
Fox Auction Company  641-420-3243
AZ #4431
5000 11th Street S.E.
1/2 mile south of NIACC main entrance
Mason City, ia
Allis Chalmers C tractor


July 18,  10:00 am
RES Auction Services  (833) 765-3737
AZ #4912
6776 Adario North Road,
Shiloh, OH
Allis Chalmers D15 Series II tractor, gas, wf, 540, 3 pt
Allis Chalmers CA gas wf tractor, not currently running
Allis Chalmers WC, nf, not currently running
Allis Chalmers B-207E lawn mower
Allis Chalmers thermometer and signs


July 20,  Begins to end at 7:00 pm
Tim Narhi Auctioneer & Associates LLC  810.266.6474
AZ #3586
3300 Nichols Rd.
Lennon, MI
AC WD Tractor with wide front
AC D15 Front-end Loader
Allis Chalmers WD 12v Alternator Conversion. Engine turns over / not stuck.
     Located in West Item Line
Allis Chalmers WD Tractor Like New Radiator, 12v Alternator Conversion.
     Engine turns over / not stuck. Located in West Item Line
July 20,  ends at 8:00 pm
Bearrows Real Estate & Auction Co.  815-562-5113
AZ #6953
7853 Wildwood Road
Stillman Valley, IL
On-Line only auction at bearrows.hibid.com
Allis Chalmers WD Tractor Narrow frt., 9.5×24 Turf Rears, 4:00×15 Frts, 59″
     Woods Belly Mower, Starts and runs great, 6 Volt system w/generator
Allis Chalmers WD45 Tractor Wide front, 13.6×28 Rears, 6:50×16 Fronts,
     85% rubber frt & back, Hyd. Lift loader w/manual dump 42″ bucket, SN
     believed to be 2086861 – Converted to 12 volt
Allis Chalmers WD Tractor Narrow front, 3 pt, Rear Valve, new 28″ rubber
     on rear, 5:50×16 Frts – Converted to 12 Volt, Starts and runs great
Allis Chalmers 2 point lift attachment
Allis Chalmers Plow This is a 2 bottom moldboard Allis Plow
Allis Chalmers 9 ft Blade Ends of the blade appear to be removable
Allis Chalmers 3 bottom plow Typical Allis Chalmers Mount
Allis Chalmers Parts Parts include water pump, shift lever, oil caps,
     generators, regulators and other misc items for Allis Chalmers Fans !!
Allis Chalmers Seat (Fits “C” Allis)
Allis Chalmers Belt Pulley
Weight for inside tractor rear (Allis ??)
Real Wheel for Allis “C” Tractor
Allis Chalmers Rear Halo bar 32″ Spread
2-Allis Chalmers 3 pt link items
Allis Chalmers 3 pt link items
2-Allis Chalmers Bottom arms for 3 pt.
Allis Chalmers Draw bar and brace
Allis Chalmers Hitch Parts
3pt hitch lower arm brackets (AC)
Misc Allis Chalmers Parts Hitch pins, Come along and more

July 22,  10:00 am
BigIron Auctions  800-937-3558
AZ #4919
St. Edward, NE
Must bid online only.  Go to www.bigiron.com to register & bid
Gleaner L Parts
Gleaner L3 Chopper
Allis-Chalmers 11000 Generator


July 25  9:55 am
Whalen Realty & Auction, Ltd  419-875-6317
AZ #4684
1326 Co Rd 23
Stryker, OH
Allis-Chalmers G w/cultivator
Allis-Chalmers HD5 bulldozer, GM 2 cyl diesel, hydraulic blade, 540 P.T.O.


July 25  10:00 am
Aesoph Real Estate & Auction, Inc.  605-880-9129
AZ #5661
45175 178th St
Hayti, SD
Allis Chalmers 185 diesel, good 18.4-30  tires,3 point  Westendorf loader,
     2568 hours
Allis Chalmers 616 with 60” mower deck & 50” rototiller
Allis Chalmers wheel weights


July 25  10:00 am
Wilkinson Auction & Realty Co  608-739-4404
AZ #20096
43795 Cty Hwy E
Boscobel, WI
AC Collection
AC-D17 gas tractor w/WF & snap coupler hitch
AC-D17 gas tractor w/NF, PS & snap coupler hitch
AC WD-45 gas tractor w/NI loader w/trip bucket, SC hitch
AC WD-45 gas tractor w/NF, SC hitch
AC WD gas tractor w/WF, SC hitch, (complete engine rebuild)
AC WD gas tractor w/NF, SC hitch & belt pulley
AC WD gas tractor w/NF, SC hitch
AC WC gas tractor w/NF, belt pulley & new rear rubber
AC CA gas tractor w/WF
AC C gas tractor w/NF, new rear rubber
AC B gas tractor w/WF, newer rear rubber, hand crank
AC B gas tractor w/WF, hand crank
AC B gas tractor w/elec start, side mt sickle mower & new rear rubber
AC Roto baler
AC snap coupler 6’ blade
AC Snap coupler 8’ disc
AC 1 row corn picker
AC 80T trailer type sickle mower
AC #3 mtd sickle mower
AC 2 row corn drill planter snap coupler or mtd
AC 8’ snap coupler pull disc
AC all crop 6’ drill 11 drops w/grass seed attach
2-AC 1 row cultivators for B
AC trip bucket loader
2 AC 3 bottom snap coupler plows
AC 2-14 slat bottom snap coupler plow
AC single bottom trailer plow
front blade for B
asstd AC manuals
AC WD 45 block & crank shaft
10-AC snap coupler latches
misc other AC parts
3 single bottom plows
AC 45 chasis
AC orange metal windmill


July 25  10:00 am
Bobby Staley Auctions  618-231-4456
AZ #34423
19125 Ranch Rd
Mt Vernon, IL
Allis Chalmers WD45 puller- wheely bars-16.4 26 top cut tires
Allis Chalmers CA wide front-new rubber-motor good needs oil pump
Allis WC w/hand brake-motor stuck
AC disk plow
2 row front mount cultivator for Allis Chalmers CA
buzz saw for Allis WD
Allis loader for WD
2 r2 row front mount cultivator for Allis WD
4 row Front mount cultivator for Allis WD
pin hitch 2 bottom plow for Allis WD
Allis Dirt scoop
2 row Allis cultivator snap coupler
4 row Allis snap coupler planter
Allis snap coupler blade


July 25  9:00 am
Chesney Auctioneering, LLC  717-994-5266
AZ #2580
21317 Shore Valley Road
Three Springs, Pa
Allis Chalmers D17 tractor


July 25,  9:00 am
United Edge Real Estate & Auction Co., LLC  419-298-1100
AZ #13801
12876 Co Rd B75
Bryan, OH
Allis Chalmers D-17 loader tractor
Allis Chalmers B tractor with belly mower
Allis Chalmers B tractor


July 27,  6:00 pm
Canning Auctions LLC  618-684-2331
AZ #24473
Canning Auction Facility
2049 Business Hwy 13
Murphysboro, IL
Online Only
Allis Chalmers 7000 DT W/ Koyker 600 QA Loader W/ 18.4X38 Tires and
     Duals Everything will be sold “as is, where is”, with no guarantees of any
     kind. Buyers shall rely entirely on their own inspection and information.
     All equipment listed will be available for public inspection July 13th-27th
     9AM -5PM


July 29,  10:00 am
BigIron Auctions  800-937-3558
AZ #4919
St. Edward, NE
Must bid online only.  Go to www.bigiron.com to register & bid
Allis-Chalmers 3-Pt Blade
Allis-Chalmers 7000 Series Weight Bracket & Hardware
Allis-Chalmers Suitcase Weights
Allis-Chalmers Suitcase Weights
Allis-Chalmers Suitcase Weights
1998 Gleaner R62 Combine
2005 Gleaner R75 Combine
2011 Gleaner R76 Combine
Gleaner L2 Combine w/24’ A-C Header
Allis-Chalmers 1 Row Picker
Allis-Chalmers 6R30 Cultivator w/Sweeps
Allis-Chalmers 4 Bottom Plow
1968 Allis-Chalmers 190 XT 2WD Tractor w/ Loader
1978 Allis-Chalmers 7000 2WD Tractor
1980 Allis-Chalmers 8550 4WD Tractor


July 30,  5:00 pm
AZ #5425
Oak Gardens, 225 11th St SE
225 11th St SE
Dyersville, IA
300+ TOY AUCTION including a few AC’S
Allis Chalmers 7580, 2008 National Toy Show
Allis Chalmers One Ninety XT, 2005 Iowa FFA Collector Edition
Allis Chalmers D-17, 1990 Special Edition
Allis Chalmers 7580  1/32 scale
AC 7050  n/b
Allis Chalmers Tanker & Horse
Allis Chalmers 440 1/32 scale
AC 195, 2002 Iowa FFA Special Edition, Signed Don Ertl
Allis Chalmers 440, Toy Farmer Tractor