Buckeye Allis Club Inc

Buckeye Allis Club, P.O. Box 1, Jeffersonville, OH 43128

Ohio State Fair

The Buckeye Aliis Club Inc. will have a display @ the Ohio State Fair July 29-Aug. 9 in Chicken barn off of 11th Ave.

Date Workers Tractors
7-29 & 30 Mark & Cathy Taylor B
7-31 Jim Sherman WC & sprdr
8-1 Brad McCune 45 & PH digger
8-2 George & Jill 45 & pltr
8-3 Larry & Charlie 8070,7050, 17 Whtld, H3
8-4 Retire AC employees Reno, Winger, Lamblez, Heitmeyer, Doig, Ellett
8-5 Gary Nether D15 orhd,15 &blade,17 &plow,G &plow
8-6&7 Bill & Rita 5015& mower, 2) AC l&g
8-8 Mike Hoover C
8-9 Fred Winner 14&15D
X Don Clark 2) WF
X Bob Bunnell D-15
X Bruce Balduff 5015 and Imps.
X Mike and Tina A ? & 416 l&g
X Glen Schultz D-19 & ??
X Kyle Hudson B

Snyder’s will be set up with their toys and memorabilia to sell next to BAC trailer.

George is going in on the 28th @ 8:30 am to start setting up if you want to bring in your equipment, Snyder’s and I will be their @ 1pm till 4.

You can pick up gate and parking passes then.

We hope to be open 9-6 daily.

Last Sunday the 9th we can load out after 5 till 6:30 gates are locked by 7pm on 9th. Loading also on Monday 10th from 8am till noon.

Thanks to all for your help in this show

Larry Mayer 740-505-0226 George Schulz 614-371-9602

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