Buckeye Allis Club Inc

Buckeye Allis Club, P.O. Box 1, Jeffersonville, OH 43128

Gene was the old man–and a 100% worker–one year in wheat harvest, it rained here and was wet all over western Ks but Dodge City got a lot of hail so he took the crew of kids and they roofed houses in Dodge City for about 10 days until it was dry enough to cut. He was one of the hardest working men I ever knew. His son Reggie is still in the custom cutting business, ( still Gleaner) — he sold his last old R62 two years ago I think with over 6,000 hours on it. (you can tell with those hours he kept it up well, and got more money out of it than a lot of dealer combines with 1500 hours on them) Reg is a hard worker, too, and rebuilds his and his neighbor’s machines each winter.  ( Sometimes some for Kalvesta, too)   Pretty sharp, always looking for a cheaper and better fix than Gleaner’s way.