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John Warnock Collection

When I was having my 6th birthday party, the local Allis Chalmers dealer at South Shore, Ky delivered a WD45 to my dad. This was only the beginning of orange fever for me. This was in 1953 and the WD45 was huge. I spent many days in that pan seat working on the 75 acres of our farm. Today I am 73 yrs old and I can’t bare the thought of owning any other color tractor than Allis Chalmers orange. I truly believe Allis Chalmers made the best tractors ever made and I have had the pleasure of owning several of them. My son David has caught the orange fever also and he loves to go on tractor drives and to tractor shows with our Allis Chalmers tractors. He is the proud owner of the 1953 WD45 that my dad bought new. He also bought an Allis 200 to add to our collection. We don’t have a farm now but we do have our restored tractors too enjoy for our hobby. A few pictures of our tractors appear below and I hope everyone in the BAC will enjoy seeing them.

Duane Byers, who works for ODOT was going through some old pictures and came across this picture from the ’50s.

The Byers Family Tractor Collection