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Buckeye Allis Club Inc. Scholarship Criteria

The Scholarship Committee has put together the following list of criteria that will be used in awarding scholarships to interested students.

Scholarship awards will be in the amount of $150, per student. One award per lifetime of that student.

At this time, there will only be one award given per year. It is possible that in the future multiple awards will be given per year of an additional amount.

Student/applicant must be a paid club member, or child/grandchild of a paid club member.

Enrollment in an agriculture related field of education is a requirement for application for this scholarship.

Applicant will be required to write an essay that will describe their vision of how their chosen field will be a benefit to agriculture, as listed on the application form.

The essay will consist of a minimum of three paragraphs, and a minimum of 500 words in length.

The student must be enrolled in an accredited state university, technical school or trade school, community college, or private college and have completed at least one semester with a passing GPA. Proof of attendance will be required before the award is issued.

The Scholarship committee will review each essay and make a decision of whom to award the scholarship based on both the content of each essay and the information shown on the application form. The selected winning essay will be published in the club’s newsletter.

Award recipient will be recognized at the club’s annual banquet and given the opportunity to address the group.

Phone interviews may be used as part of the selection process.

Instructions for the completed application and essay appear at the bottom of the application form.

If help is needed with the application, or any questions arise, please contact any of the Scholarship committee members:

Dr. Ralph Neumann, 614-551-3270, Joe DeLisle, 419-572-9837, Brad McCune, 740-281-4579

Scholarship Application

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Print and mail to:
Buckeye Allis Club, Inc.
PO Box 1
Jeffersonville, OH 43128
RJ receives the BAC scholarship from club President Brad McCune.